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Easing Orthodontic Anxiety

Posted on December 9, 2021

Here are a few ways to ease any possible orthodontic anxiety!


The first helpful tip for a positive orthodontic experience is to simply schedule the appointment at a good time! Schedule your orthodontic appointments for the most convenient time of the day, on the most convenient day of the week. Fitting an appointment in between major events or necessities like classes or work, just sticks an appointment in the middle of a stressful time… which only exacerbates your overall stress. Allowing yourself plenty of buffer time will allow yourself a bit of time to travel to the clinic as well.


You should also ask your orthodontist for any special instructions on foods that you should or should not eat before your appointment, or any tips that they have for you to make the procedure as effective and smooth as possible. Talk to the orthodontist about any anxiety! They have strategies that can help relax you. These are doctors trained to help you feel better—be honest about your stresses and your dental habits, as any information will help them create the best experience for you.

Other Tips

If you wear an oral device like a retainer or Invisalign, or a mouth guard to prevent grinding, or even a sleep apnea mask meant to keep your airways open during the night, bring it to your appointment! Those appliances may be helpful evidence in identifying problems and creating solutions for your alignment problems. Additionally, you may want to consult with your orthodontist on the details of your upcoming procedures: how long should it take, what does the recovery look like, etc. Knowing this will help you feel more in control, and therefore less anxious over the “unknown”.

No need to dread these appointments that are meant to make your life better! Take these simple steps to ease your stresses before, during, and after your procedures and check-ups, and feel confident about your upcoming dentist experience. Look today at our tips for your first visit with us at MI Smile!

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