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Express Yourself with Customized Colors for Braces

Posted on May 25, 2022

When you or your teen need to wear braces, you don’t need to be shy about your smile. Instead, you can add splashes of color to the flash of metal in your mouth. Every time you get your braces adjusted, you can change the color of your bands (called ligature ties). Stick with one color or mix and match—it’s all up to you.

Seasonal Colors

The time between adjustments is typically around 6 to 8 weeks—perfect for changing with the season or preparing for a holiday. You can choose soft pastels for spring, such as a light blue or pink, or celebrate Christmas with alternating green and red bands.

Red and blue bands against the backdrop of white teeth are a great color combination for summer because of the patriotic holidays of Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Flag Day. When autumn comes, change to orange and black.

Support Your Team

High school and college students will love to show their team spirit by wearing bands with school colors. Most teams have two colors (sometimes three), and you can get creative with the pattern. Many people enjoy alternating colors but you can also put the first color on the top teeth and the second on the bottom teeth.

Adults can get into the fun, also, by using the colors of their favorite professional team, whether it’s baseball, football, or basketball. There’s a vast array of colors, so it shouldn’t be hard to approximate your team’s colors.

Favorite Colors

You don’t need a special occasion or reason to choose the colors of your bands. Some people just go with their favorite colors or try to match the colors of the clothes they frequently wear. If you wear a lot of jeans, go with a navy blue. If black is your color, there are black bands available, also.

If you can’t choose a color, don’t worry. You can have a different colored band on each tooth, if you wish. Your smile will look like a rainbow.

Tell your orthodontist what look you’re going for, and they’ll be happy to work with you. If you need to wear braces, there’s no reason you shouldn’t wear them with panache. Have fun by expressing yourself with color.

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