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Financing Your Orthodontic Treatments

Posted on January 25, 2022

Tackling the financial commitments of orthodontic treatment can be challenging… in fact, some may find it intimidating enough to avoid their orthodontic treatment altogether! These treatments, though, are important (if not necessary) for healthy development and lifestyle. If financing your treatments is a concern, here are a few things you can do to help get the aid you need!

Consult with Your Orthodontist

First, talk with your orthodontist about creating a payment plan with their office. Though not all can accommodate, most offices allow for extended payments over a period of time, which can help ease the stress of large expenses. Your orthodontist may also be able to provide suggestions for alternative treatment plans or temporary treatments to prevent further damage until more permanent treatments can be performed to really solve the problem.

Explore Financial Aid

You may be surprised at the number of options available to those who need some assistance financing their dental treatments. For example, dental discount plans are a popular option—rather than frequent insurance payments, a once-per-year fee entitles you to a membership of sorts that provides you with discounted dental services for the duration of that year, from dentists within a wide network. You can also seek a personal loan or dental loan for important dental work; these are especially useful for emergency treatments and procedures for which you don’t have time to procure a grant or donation option.

Visit our financial and insurance page to learn more about payment options available to you with MI Smile Journey. There you will find everything you need to make your financial plan a reality, and receive the best orthodontic care around. 

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