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Foods to Avoid When You Have Braces

Posted on September 30, 2022

You’re going to have beautiful, straight teeth when your braces come off, but in the meantime, you will have to make some temporary changes to your diet. To make sure everything goes smoothly with your orthodontic treatment, it’s important to avoid breaking or loosening your brackets or wires, so you should avoid certain foods.

Crunchy Foods

You may love to snack on raw carrots and celery sticks, but crunchy foods can break or bend the wires of your braces. Softer raw vegetables like salad greens are fine, but any veggie you need to bite into, including corn on the cob, will be off-limits. Also, avoid biting into fresh fruit like apples and pears. Cut them into thin slices or small pieces and eat them with a fork. 

Finally—and this is a tough one—no popcorn, not even at the movies. You can accidentally break something by biting into an un-popped kernel, and the little pieces get caught between your teeth. Also, avoid other crunchy snacks like pretzels.

Sticky Foods

Most sticky foods are candy or sweets, such as caramel, gummies, licorice, and chewing gum. These can stick to your teeth, break wires, or dislodge brackets. Even if you manage not to break anything, keep in mind that your teeth will be more difficult to clean when you have braces on. If you have sugary pieces of sticky candy on your teeth, they may be difficult to remove. 

Acidic Foods

Finally, you should avoid acidic foods because they can dissolve the adhesive used to attach the braces to your teeth. Acidic foods include anything with vinegar, such as salad dressing and pickles (which might also be too crunchy for braces). Tomatoes and citrus fruits, including fruit juice, are also highly acidic.

Another acidic food that might be tough to give up is sweetened, carbonated beverages. Instead of soda pop, try iced tea. If you need sweet tea, use honey or artificial sweetener.

Although you may need to give up a few favorite foods, it’s only temporary and it’s for a great cause. Your orthodontic treatment will be faster and more effective if you can avoid breaking or damaging the appliances. The day the braces come off, you can celebrate.

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