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Signs Your Child Might Need a Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on October 1, 2021

Most parents start wondering about their child’s smile during late childhood or early adolescence. But did you know that your child may benefit from early orthodontic treatment? When addressed earlier rather than later within a two-stage treatment plan, early developmental concerns can be nipped in the bud immediately, saving you and your child from potential discomforts in the future. 

What is a Two-Phase Treatment?

A two-phase orthodontic treatment is a great option for kids in need of early orthodontic intervention or maximum, functional care. It incorporates two treatment phases with a rest period in between. The first phase starts before your child’s permanent teeth are in and focuses on realigning your child’s skeletal and orofacial structure. After a rest period with little to no orthodontic intervention, the child then goes through the second phase which includes braces or Invisalign to finish positioning his or her permanent teeth for a healthy, straight smile.    

Does My Child Need a Two-Phase Treatment?

A two-phase orthodontic treatment can jumpstart a child’s journey to oral health and increased confidence. Unbeknownst to many parents, children can start developing orofacial and alignment issues long before they have lost all of their baby teeth. Many of these developing problems can be solved or mitigated with a little bit of early intervention, especially if your child is suffering from jaw misalignment or other structural issues. 


While most parents see crooked teeth as the number one sign for need of braces, looking purely at a child’s teeth may not be overly helpful in discerning a need for treatment—after all, with a mouthful of baby teeth, missing teeth, and budding permanent teeth, how can you really know? More promising signs of need for early intervention include issues with biting, a recessed or protruding jaw, popping sounds coming from the jaw, mouth breathing, etc. 

What Should I Do if My Child Needs Treatment?

If you are noticing signs of orofacial or other oral health concerns, you should consult with Dr. Thomas as soon as possible. While not every child will need a two-phase orthodontic treatment plan, there is no way of knowing what is the best option for your child until you get a professional opinion. Using advanced technology, Dr. Thomas will be able to examine your child’s needs and set you and your child on the right path to a glowing, healthy smile.


As a parent, you may be more worried about your child’s grades or good behavior than their orthodontic health—after all, they are still so young! However, no child is too young to start developing orofacial problems. And treating these issues earlier rather than later will save both you and your child a lot of frustration in the end—and it even might save you money too! 


Wondering if your child might need early orthodontic intervention? Click here to learn more about how our two-phase treatment plans can help bring a smile to your face—literally! 

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