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What Does Invisalign Feel Like?

Posted on October 22, 2022

Many people choose Invisalign instead of traditional wire braces because the clear aligner trays don’t alter their smile like braces do. But Invisalign also has other advantages. The clear, removable aligner trays provide a convenient and comfortable orthodontic experience.

What Aligners Are Made From

Invisalign aligners are made from a thin, durable polyurethane plastic called SmartTrack. They do not contain bisphenol-A (BPA), latex, or materials that can cause allergic reactions. The trays are tough but flexible enough to easily remove. Unlike sports mouthguards, Invisalign aligners don’t feel bulky in your mouth.

While the aligners are clear, it is possible to stain them, most notably with tobacco or strong drinks like coffee or tea. Plaque and tartar can build up, also, just as it does on your teeth. You should clean and sanitize them regularly.

How Aligners Are Fitted

To make the custom-fitted aligners, your orthodontist will take a 3D impression of your teeth, using either putty or a digital scanner. The trays will fit snugly against your teeth, so they won’t rock, shift, or fall out. You can wear them while exercising, swimming, or playing sports, but you should remove them while eating.

You will receive a series of different aligners as your teeth gradually move into the desired position. Usually, you’ll change aligners every couple of weeks. If your orthodontist feels further adjustments are needed, he or she may rescan your teeth for a more precise fit.

Adjusting to Your Invisalign

When you first start using Invisalign, you will have some adjustments to make, but they are minor. The presence of the aligners in your mouth may stimulate excessive saliva, but that will decrease in a short period of time. You may also find making certain speech sounds feels different.

When you change to a new aligner tray, you may feel some pressure at first. This is caused by the slight pressure needed to nudge your teeth into position. You may also feel sore spots on your tongue or cheek.

Once you get used to your Invisalign aligners, you can live your life normally. Since you remove them to eat, there are no forbidden foods. At night, you won’t know you’re wearing them, and during the day, you can speak and smile with confidence.

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