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When is Orthodontic Treatment Most Effective?

Posted on November 18, 2021

It can be tempting to put off orthodontic treatment—the timing can be inconvenient, it might feel unnecessary, and your coming months are too busy to add a dental concern. However, getting those treatments done should be a priority for your long term dental health!


Ideally, the best time to get treatment done is during youth or young adulthood, while the mouth, jaw and palate are still developing or are still more easily malleable. This is also a time when it is fairly common for youth to be going through developmental treatments, so they will be in good company with peers who also have retainers or braces or Invisalign and more. That being said, you are never too old for Invisalign or braces! Still, the benefits of alignment affect more than just the aesthetic of your smile! It can also help your bite, the ease of caring for your teeth, and more.

Time Commitment

Treatment does require time to work effectively. Although you may feel that the problem is solved quickly, without the proper time maintaining treatment with the correct positioning in place, teeth will naturally shift back to their former, natural position. Treatment times can vary between 6 months and a few years.

Past Treatment

Finally, treatments are best and most safely done before other dental issues develop. (Again, this may mean it is wisest to get orthodontic treatments sooner rather than later!). Braces, retainers and Invisalign all put pressure on teeth, moving and shifting them into new positions. However, keep in mind the potential struggles that can come with postponed treatment!

If financial concerns are also keeping you from scheduling your needed treatment, check in with our financial and insurance information to figure out a plan that works for you. We want to help you have the best treatment experience possible, regardless of the timing! Visit us today and set up a consultation to get you feeling confident in your orthodontic treatment here at MI Smile Journey. 

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