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When Should I Take My Child to an Orthodontist?

Posted on November 2, 2022

When it comes to raising a child, medical appointments are one of those things that you can feel a little confused about. Some people consider orthodontics more of an optional medical area, but it is just as vital as the pediatrician or the dentist. While there are many reasons to see an orthodontist, figuring out the right timing for your child can be something you are wondering about.

When They are Young

The earlier dental and orthodontic issues are discovered and treated, the easier they are to correct. Many people feel they must wait until their children are in their teens and have obvious problems to start seeing an orthodontist. It is actually recommended that children first see an orthodontist when they are between the age of 6 and 8. Simple adjustments are cheaper and less painful for your child overall. It can also prevent other issues from developing. Sometimes young children may feel nervous at the orthodontist’s office, so make sure you find one that is accustomed to dealing with children. They will be able to help your child feel more comfortable and understand what is happening.

When They Have Jaw Issues

Orthodontists are specially trained dentists that deal with crooked teeth and other dental irregularities. Many of these issues manifest themselves early on through jaw pain and tightness. Jaw pain can cause issues for your children when it comes to eating, sleeping, talking, or concentrating. They may also find that they are grinding their teeth more often, which can cause a significant amount of damage. All of these things are something that an orthodontist can deal with. If your child is complaining of jaw pain or saying their cheeks hurt, it may be a good time to see your orthodontist.

When Their Adult Teeth Come In

If your child hasn’t seen an orthodontist before, you should definitely make sure they have an appointment by the time all of their adult teeth have come in. This is the second best time to get issues assessed and corrected. Many children are self-conscious about crooked teeth and other dental issues, so the sooner they are corrected the better. Your orthodontist can also assess your child’s teeth and jaw for any additional issues that may come up, such as overcrowding or a misaligned jaw.

Taking your child to the orthodontist is an important part of their medical care that you shouldn’t neglect. This should start when they are young and continue throughout their life. Preparing them for the experience may help them feel less nervous and help them understand the importance of dental hygiene. 

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